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Our Search Engine Promotion Department also serves with its knowledge and experience within the professional audit of pages service at an SEO angle and advice companies on complex SEM actions on the Internet. These are services both for customers who are just planning campaigns on search engines and for those who wish to optimize the lasting promotion.

Within the audit and consulting services we analyze actions of the customer and its competition, we create reports and present them to clients. The reports contained proposals of the most effective, in our opinion, solutions to ensure that you get defined effects. The audit and consulting allows - even before the start of activities - to show to the customer their range. This gives you a possibility to choose services, based on data analysis and suggestions of our experts. These documents are the result of, among others, a thorough analysis of the client's industry, competitors' actions on the Internet and lasting client's actions in the field of SEM. They include:

  • analysis of the current position of the websites in search engines
  • keyword analysis and selection of the most effective - the proposals on the base of the analysis, the potential niches
  • plan of strategic actions and potential investments - defining the goals to achieve, the proposal of using the services within the SEM and the sequence of their implementation, identify potential costs needed to achieve the objective


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