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Audit of keywords

Audit of the popularity of phrases in search engines relies on putting to the assessment phrases sent by the customer or an analysis and proposing phrases by our specialists. This is a basic service which should be used by any company which want to seriously go into organizing of strategy of presence in search engines.

As a result of the audit client receive the information about the popularity (which is the frequency of use) of tested keywords by search engine users. Audit of the popularity allows you to specify propably the best (most common) phrases which are used by users looking for information.

These phrases are used most frequently to designate the direction for the beginning in the pursuit for effective marketing actions in search engines.

Our specialists by analyzing the keywords and phrases can often point other effective ones - which sometimes are not discovered yet by the competition and thanks to them you can gain a competitive advantage.

 Benefits associated with the audit of the popularity of phrases

  • knowledge about the popularity of specific phrases among potential customers
  • elimination - even before spending any money on positioning or ppc campaigns - of ineffective keywords
  • savings associated with the elimination of ineffective keywords
  • engaging the resources and focus only on selected phrases and the possibility to quick verify the choice

If you are interested in the audit popularity of phrases audit service simply contact us or directly send an offer request for proposal - our consultant will contact you.


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