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Counselling is a complex service for customers who want to start effective SEM actions, but do not know where to start, how to identify effective keywords and which actions in search engines will be most appropriate.

Counselling is a combination of all services within the “Counselling and Audit."Our specialists provide to a customer a Report of market analysis and a Plan of strategy for the company's activities in the field of SEM.

These documents are the result of, among others, a thorough analysis of the client's branch, competitors' actions on the Internet and lasting client's actions in the field of SEM. They include:

  • analysis of the current position of website in search engines
  • analysis of keywords and selection of the most effective - the proposals based on the analysis, the potential niches
  • a plan of strategic actions and potential investments - defining the purpose to be achieved, the proposal of using the services within the SEM and their sequence of implementation, defining potential capital expenditures needed to achieve the objective

If you are interested in a complex advisory service, you could contact us directly or send an offer inquiry - our consultant will contact you.


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