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E-marketing trainings

Trainings includes information about the rules of e-marketing, tools, and advertising novelties appearing on the market. Trainings includes also the use of new e-marketing trends such as the use of the intranet and extranet to the activities within the company.

Training is conducted by experts (SEO and PR managers, IT systems designers) who have a rich experience and also can boast about professional successes in the use of e-marketing in practice. Coaches care about the validity of training subjects and the practical nature of the passed knowledge.

Participants in the study:

  • learn the principles of project management within the web development
  • learn the principles of designing and implementing advertising campaigns and marketing on the web
  • gain knowledge of usability and functionality of Internet services and effectively manage their content
  • learn the tools to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of on-line actions and e-marketing tools necessary to conduct advertising campaigns and research on the Internet
  • are familiar with the methods of measuring the effectiveness of online advertising
  • learn about the role of CMS in managing internet services and features that should have this system so it could be "friendly"

Trainings are divided into thematic sections, which allows you to adjust to individual needs and interests of the Client.


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