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Our offer

Our proposal includes comprehensive services to prepare and run sponsored links on search engines.

We have a team of specialists dealing only with the issues of search engine marketing. This ensures high quality of services and professional advice to each client, which directly affects on effects in the form of a high return of investment.

Since we have no information which would allow us to precisely estimate the cost of the campaign, the amount of enters on the website or previews of boxes, the optimal solution is to break down the costs for the particular services associated with the campaign.

The element Estimated net rate
Cost only of clicks (the amount charged for example by Google Adwords or Onet Boxes). This amount is fully used on the emission of the boxes. In the case of unused amount, it passes for the next month.  
Any defined by the client

The initial fee (configurative) for:

  • prepare and present a strategy of actions
  • suggest the division of the whole campaign on the appropriate advertising group
  • presenting the proposals of variations of each of the boxes
  • full configuration of the boxes
A disposable charge depends on the stage of the campaign.
Conducting the campaign - controlling, reacting for usual and unusual situations, sending suggestions and new ideas on the issue of advertising boxes.  
The monthly charge depends on the amount of money each month is spent on boxes.
Monthly sending a report with information concerned the views of boxes with the cost of emissions for each box per month, divided for keywords, for which the box was displayed and a report of the total number of clicks for each advertising boxes.  
The amount is included in the cost of running the campaign.
Link the tool for conversion tracking and analysis of results.  
The monthly charge depends on the type of measured conversion.
Renewing the campaign for another month.  
0 $

 Our complex service includes:

  • to help define the target group
  • select media (choice of context advertisement system)
  • select keywords
  • proposals for advertising texts
  • taking care and monitoring the progress of the advertising campaign
  • campaign analysis and reporting
  • as well as professional consulting and advisory within the service 


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