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Positioning (with SEO and link building) is a complex service to promote a website to the highest positions in search results for certain keywords. The positioning service is a very important element of internet strategy each company which seriously thinks about getting new clients through this way. Potential custemers all over the world use mainly the search engines as a source of information about the products, services, companies etc.

How do we work

After the deep analysis of the competitors actions, certain actions are takeng out to put the website on the highest places in search results. Appropriate pace of execution of individual actions allow the preservation of long-term effect of the action taken. The positioning process consits of the following stages:

  • initial analysis of the website
  • analysis of the competitors actions
  • optimization of the website
  • registration in search engines
  • building of the link popularity
  • constant analysis of the effects and introduction optimizing changes
  • reporting

Cost evaluation

Monthly charge depends on the positioning effects. Everyday the position of the website for positioning keyphrases is checked and the charge depends on achieved Results. It means, that if the website won't appear on the first site in search results (TOP10) on that day will not be charged any fee.

After each month you will receive an e-mail with a report in form of PDF file with positions, on which your website appeared on each day - based on which the fee is calculated. Additionally, there's a possibility of sending daily reports without any extra charge.


Projekt współfinansowany przez Szwajcarię w ramach szwajcarskiego programu współpracy z nowymi krajami członkowskimi Unii Europejskiej

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