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E-commerce positioning

An increase of internet sales and more and more desperate fight for a potential client, decides about the necessity of action's intensification connected with the improvement of the internet shop's visibility in search engines. Internet shops are a type of sites for which a positioning is the key form of promotion which decides about its turnover.

An effective positioning allows to precisely match up the shop's offer to the chosen target group and at the same time it provides a significant investment's refund. Because of the high effectiveness of the positioning, it is the most dynamically developing advertisement sector which perfectly fulfill marketing aims of internet shops.

The positioning of the internet shops - is it profitable?

Among all people who use the Google, over a half pay attention only for the first and the second page of the search results. Therefore it is worth to position your internet shop, so it could reach the forefront of the Google ranking and other search engines. Thanks to the positioning we can increase the shop's visibility among potential customers.

How do we work

The positioning service is conducted on specific key phrases which are chosen by our specialists.
Every time they together prepare the detailed analysis of the internet shop which contains in turns:

  • initial diagnosis of the website
  • analysis of the competitors actions
  • optimization of the website
  • building of the link popularity
  • constant analysis of the effects and introduction optimizing changes
  • and reporting

It is worth to point, that due to the connection with a user's growing awareness – apart from positioning for the most important phrases – Ideo offers also positioning on so called long tail.

A long tail is created by precise, multi-word phrases entered in search engines by potential customers. The aim of this kind of positioning is to generate the most possible movement in the internet shop for the biggest amount of phrases connected with its offer.

Finding phrases which belongs to the long tail, has place in case of users who precisely specify their expectations connected with the product. Those users are very important for the internet shop because in their case there is a great possibility that they will buy its products or services.

Besides it, our specialists explore the competitors' action, and based on this they propose some changes in shop's actions or its pattern and the implementation of new functions. Modifications like those are introduced to expose products of a given shop among competitive positions on the list of search results, and to present their advantages attractive.

Specialists of the Search Engine Department thanks to the analysis of the positioning service and competition, will advice clients in matching up the most proper key phrases, which ensure the increase of the sales in assumed time.


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