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Long tail (web) positioning

A broad positioning is a perfect solution for Clients whose have complex internet services or internet shops. This is a method which rely on positioning hundreds or even thousands key phrases and keywords which are matched up to the whole website. The effectiveness of positioning like this has been checked in many reports, which are confirmed by researches, in which 70-80% of the profit from investments is generated by words long tail.

In this technique we avoid positioning on single key phrase and keywords characterized by big competitiveness. Users more and more often uses precise phrases, so called “long tail” key phrases, which are niche and more precise entries, became more and more popular. Therefore, thanks to a broad positioning technique, we are able to get to more determined and real users, whose know what they exactly want to buy, and are looking only for proper company to provide them its products.

The whole power of a broad positioning focuses on a precise optimization of a website carried out by our company, which is about each single phrase included in "long tail" has its own dedicated sub-page.

Benefits of the brand positioning:

  • reaching to “aware” users, what increase the possibility to cause wanted action by potential Client
  • increasing sale of products and services
  • long tail generates much more movement on the website than general phrases
  • a possibility to reach a high position in a search engine way faster
  • a stable position in search results
  • defeating the competition on the ground of more precise phrases

Thanks to the great experience and achieved successes in a broad positioning, we manage to set a long tail on the highest positions in search results even for 50 thousands of phrases.


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