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SEO Copywriting

Texts on the website can have an enormous meaning. They can influence on potential client's buying decisions or on the user's path on the website. They can decide about the position of the website in search engines and how users perceive the company.

A marketing in search engines (SEM) requires the optimization of the website code but also of the website contents. The optimization of the contents includes the creation of an easy to read, information text. Text like that should be valuable both for the user and for the search engine itself – this is the job for the seo copywriter.

The SEO copy-writing service is a very important element which supports the positioning of the website. A text should interest the user and have valuable elements which are significant for search engines (e.g. a proper amount of keywords and their location).

By using gained knowledge and techniques we create a text which takes into account"

  • specificity of keywords
  • the frequency of usage keywords in the text
  • target group of the message and its needs
  • the size of the text
  • the coordination of the contents' optimization with the website's optimization

Our offer as regards to seo copywriting

Thanks to the close cooperation on the line customer-positioner-copywriter the project has the greatest chances to succeed, because after the recognition of the Client's needs and the determining of the aims, the coherence in their realisation is preserved. Each element, as well as the copywriters' actions and the positioners' actions, leads to the achievement of the specified goal.

We offer:

  • writing texts on the website from basis;
  • change existing texts and their optimization for search engines;
  • an introduction to the elements of text navigation (leading the user through the website with the use of links in the context).

Seo copywriting service works best when it is done within the complex website's positioning service. Then a copywriter and SEO expert can cooperate most effectively to achieve specified goals because their goals overlap.

We also allow to use only one chosen service within the package - the decision always belongs to the customer.


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