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Search Engine Reputation Management - SERM

SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management) can be translated as a management of the reputation in search engines. A Search Engine Reputation can be understand as undertaking all actions to improve the image of the brand in search engines, and in case of new brands building it from grounds.

SERM includes two types of actions:

  • approaching to oust from TOP 10 in search results any links to the website with negative information about a given brand or a person
  • putting positive information about the company or a person on high positions in search results

It is important that SERM process is not only to oust from search engines bad information about the brand, but also to take any necessary actions to promote the largest amount of positive information connected with the subject.

The first step in taking carre for a brand reputation in search engines should be to optimize the firm website and to start its positioning on key phrases connected with the market on which a given company works or on those on which some bad information about the company are shown in search results.

We realize that building a brand image in the Internet is an extremely important thing during all promotion actions. That is why we have individual approach to each customer, and before we start any operations we prepare a precise analysis and the strategy of actions in the SERM area.

How do we work?

  1. Before we start to work, we precisely define for which phrases appears negative information connected with the brand.
  2. We prepare a list with suggested entries, which are worth to put positive communicates about the brand.
  3. Together with the customer we choose pages with the worst entries from the perspective of awareness building, in that way so primarily aspire to eliminate them from high positions in search engines.
  4. After the positioning of existing information connected with the brand, together with client we start a creation and promotion of new entries.
  5. When it is possible and reasonable we contact with owners of websites containing negative information in order to establish conditions of their removal.
  6. We suggest and prepare a long-term plan of actions for client which will protect him from that kind situations in the future.

Early beginning of actions connected with Search Engine Reputation Management can protect the company from a deliberate publication and promotion of negative communicates by the competitors what is known as a “reputation terrorism”. A building of the company's image and reputation takes many years, but demolition of this solid construction can occur in very short time. Because of that it is so crucial to monitor what others write about us and if it's necessary to take some fast repair actions.

SERM, as a part of SEO PR is inseparably connected with a crisis communication, because it allows to monitor and create the positive perception of the company by the medium which is the Internet.


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