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Standard positioning

Positioning is a complex service depending on the promotion of the website in search engines.

Search engines are the main source of the information about internet sites. That is why the positioning is one of the most effective form of the promotion in web. Researches carried out by a company iProspekt shows, that over a half of all internet users look through only two first pages of the search results. Furthermore those researches shows that the most popular websites are those which are on the first, second and third place of all results. And because of that our priority is to put our clients websites in the first ten of search results.

Below is a graphic illustration of the clicks amount in certain results returned by Google search engine. As you can see most of all are on the first three positions.

pozycjonowanie stron w Google
Enquiro Search -

We offer a positioning based on a thorough analysis of the website and competitors actions. Followed actions include a range of actions to optimize the website and a link popularity building.

Thanks to the proper tempo of certain activities, it is possible to remain the long-therm effects of actions which have been taken out. During work we conduct the analysis of the effects - after each month we prepare a report with positions on which your website appeared on each day. Cost calculation of the campaign is based on it.

Benefits of the positioning:

  • increase of the website's popularity and the amount of visits
  • an opportunity to reach many potential clients who are interested in product
  • relatively small costs of the campaign in comparison to other promotion forms
  • a possibility of competition with other websites
  • a growing reliability of the company. The presence in the Internet itself and the easiness to find certain website significantly increase the reliability of the company in perception of the potential clients

Thanks to the positioning, the promoting website is visited by target internauts. Those people consciously familiarize with the information pointed by the search engine. The website which is high in search results is considered as a source of reliable and objective information which definitely affects on users loyalty.


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