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Social Media Marketing

Services offered as part of actions on social webservices:

  • we create Fun Page accounts, that is profiles of specific companies, services and brands on the most popular social service - Facebook
  • we create a network of friends and fans
  • we lead accounts indcluding supplying it with content
  • we take care about the development of a company profile, growth of fans and constant dialogue between the company and Internet users
  • we run contests, games and fun quizzes on the fun page accounts


  • significant reduction in costs for the marketing, by the fact that social services are free platforms
  • operate actions in the most popular social media
  • easy access to a specific target group
  • an opportunity to produce the desired buzz around the brand, product or service
  • fast effects of the campaign which can be measuare by using the statistics tool available on Facebook

More and more companies derive the benefits of social media, mainly in terms of Internet marketing. By doing such actions it is possible to reach potential Clients in an interesting, creative way.


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