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SEO Audit

To design effective promotional activities, which will achieve the desired effects, it is necessary to conduct an audit of current situation. As a part of our services we conduct an internal analysis of the company or the organization. That which already exists on the Internet including published content and tools used. An external analysis is based on a detailed examination of consumers' opinion about the company, institution, product or service. The most important is to explore the target group and to adapt to its needs.

We conduct an analysis of previous activities in social media that inform among others about:

  • data about the movement which the website generates
  • the amount of conversion of website
  • the findability, which is the ability to easy find the page on the Internet
  • an analysis of social media, which of them generates the most movement on website
  • regularity of updated information on social profiles
  • effects of the current marketing campaign
  • appropriate adjustments of the profile to the target group
  • opinion about the company in the Internet and its popularity on blogs, forums and comments
  • appropriate profile configuration with the official website and company blog

The audit helps to define aims, to introduce changes necessary to the development, and what is the most important: to choose the strategy for the future. We analyze current operations, the existing procedures and suggest possible solutions which the company should aspire for, and we set the schedule and the way to achieve these results.

We check the company's current activities in the network and its presence on the forums, blogs and social portals. We filter the web looking for information about the company, customers' opinion, users' comments in order to eliminate the negative content. Then we present a number of proposals for further actions in the field of Public Relations, social media marketing and creation of the company's image in the network.


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