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Buzz marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM, buzz marketing) is a way to attract the attention of consumers and the media, by creating a noise and an interesting debate about the item for which activities are conducted. To generate the noise in this case is to generate positive opinions from consumers in relation to specific brands. It is a way of brand promotion which is more and more dynamically operating in Poland.

Because of the growing amount of advertisements, consumers are more and more confused. Standard advertisements emitted in the media did not raise either their interest or trust. They highly appreciate the opinions of their friends, family or just Internet users. This follows from the assumption of disinterestedness of expressed opinions, what is the opposite to commercial advertisements. Very often, the users' decision about the product or service is preceded by a visit on the web forum. They seek information about the satisfaction or lack of it among people who have chosen a product, service or brand.

Within the Buzz Marketing Ideo starts with the precise recognition of the product or service and then conducts marketing actions, within which we offer:

  • activity on internet forums, social portals, blogs, videosharing, comments to articles, news
  • expressing opinions about the service or product
  • causing the debate on a specific topic
  • create a brand image
  • finding so-called brand evangelists, who are people who will on their own recommend a product, company or service

Benefits of Buzz Marketing are first of all:

  • fast effects of conducted activities
  • permanent effects of the promotion
  • relatively low cost
  • the possibility of obtaining consumer opinion (free test consumer reaction for a product/service)
  • precise targeting

The Internet is a tool that will play more and more important role in marketing actions and acquiring new Clients, and unusual forms of promotion are one of the most perspective ways of conducting marketing activities for the company, service or brand.


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