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The number of successful promotional and image campaigns on social services such as GoldenLine, Blip, Twitter, Flaker is systematically increasing. Research which were conducted by Gemius on the beginning of this year, shows that Poland is among countries with the fastest growth of Facebook users. The number of internet users whose use Facebook all around the world is growing day by day, everyday they share among themselves more than 1 billion of content. The other statistics show that in one day about 100 million footage is watched on YouTube. Over 3 million entries per day adds Twitter users. Whereas on the Wikipedia reveals 13 million articles every day. Flickr also attract the interest of users who put on the portal approximately 4 billion images per day. It is worth to take the advantage of the opportunity for PR activities which gives so fast-growing social services.

An undoubted advantage of ePR is the interactivity, enabled by Web 2.0. . Press releases, articles and interviews published in order to promote the company, are commented on blogs and forums by ordinary users, what additionally increases the reliability of the publication and the entire company. Open communication with a user is currently the best and fastest way to improve the image of the company.

ePR campaign includes:

  • word of mouth marketing on forums, social portals and microblogs
  • social marketing on social services, including active communication with users, conducting competitions, information about new products
  • creating a positive company image by leading official accounts and Fan Pages on Facebook, NK,,,, etc.
  • running the firm blog and the periodical updates of the content
  • mailing campaign
  • web monitoring, including search of the information about the company and contact with the media for a possible correction.

Our actions leads to create a positive company image in the Internet and to occur in the consciousness of users.


Projekt współfinansowany przez Szwajcarię w ramach szwajcarskiego programu współpracy z nowymi krajami członkowskimi Unii Europejskiej

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